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General Construction

At Contractor Pass we understand how stressful and costly a renovation can be. Renovating is the best way to add value and pride to your home.

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Bathroom Renovation

We can help ! let us know all your needs and we will walk you every single step of the way for a smooth renovation experience.Read More »

Tile and Floor Installation

Our installers are the best in the business to transform the interior of your home or business with superior quality and craftsmanship.Read More »

Fire Restoration

We provide 24 hours emergency services within 1 hour response bringing air scrubbers with charcoal filters, ozone machines and a fogger to control de odor.Read More »

Carpet Cleaning

We understand how important is to live or work in the clean and safe environment let us help with the best results at affordable rates.Read More »

Soda Blasting

We provide a safe way, non-destructive way to clean materials or products with rough surfaces using sodium bicarbonate and compressed air.Read More »

Water Damage & Restoration

We provide 24/7 emergency services with the best technology and must efficient drying equipment to get your place back as soon as possible when we are on site.Read More »

Mold and Asbestos Remediation

Mold can grow anywhere is excessive moisture and it will rapidly spread manifesting itself by a musty smell, dark stains and dicolorarions on the walls, floors or ceilings.Read More »

Cut Outs And Demolition

We Provide full or partial demolition and dismantling services, our skilled and trained staff can ensure the work is done in a safe and efficient manner.Read More »